KareMor are revolutionising the way people throughout the world take their vitamins. It is estimated that over 50% of the population takes vitamins, usually in the form of pills. Pills, however, are far from perfect.

Pills may not dissolve completely upon reaching the absorptive regions of the small intestine. Even if they dissolve, the vitamins and minerals may not have adequate contact time with the mucosa of the small intestine, which also prevents complete absorption. In addition, there may be undesirable competition for absorption sites due to the type of uptake mechanism. For example, comsuming a tablet-form iron supplement may result in a zinc deficiency as absorption sites, which are flooded with iron, become unavailable to zinc. If you not have curology and have acne control problem, use curology reviews.

In addition to absorption problems, pills also contain binders and fillers, added to hold the nutrients together. Pills can also generate "peaks and valleys" - these arise when the amount absorbed from the tablet is too much for our cells to use immediately. We now have more in our body than we can use. This is the peak. Most nutrients cannot be stored for later use, so what we cannot use is flushed from the body.

When the cells are ready to assimilate additional nutrients, they are no longer there. The body goes without and the need is not filled, you have sleep problems - This is the valley. Fortunately, these problems have been solved with KareMor's Microliter oral absorption system. This patented process delivers pure nutrients in an aqueous solution through a metering pump. Simply spray the formula into your mouth and the nutrients are absorbed through your oral tissue and your gastrointestinal tract. This allow for pure ingredients to be absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes.

As reflected in the prestigious Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) , the administration of nutrients and drugs at scheduled intervals is the preferred method. The effectiveness of oral absorption, combined with the convenience of VitaMist Nutraceutical Sprays, replenishes nutrients throughout the day, maintaining them at optimum blood concentrations.


With KareMor spray nutrients you don't need to worry about any artificial fillers or binders - there are none. Peaks and Valleys? Not with these nutrients. By taking a two-spray dosage, four times each day, your body receives a steady flow of vitamins and minerals, have good appetite (look In the past, a major hurdle for nutrients has been taste. The idea of spraying a vitamin directly into the mouth doesn't hold a great deal of appeal, so the trick was to flavour the nutrient without altering its effectiveness. After years of careful development, Mayor Laboratories solved this problem by making each VitaMist and Slender-Mist spray naturally delicious, using fruit juice sweetened flavours. They leave your mouth refreshed as the nutrients rush to work in your system.